DIY eGPU Setup 1.x Help (03-09-2012)

Navigation help: hit F1 or click Help on Help. Setup 1.x is like a bios
extension. It allows altering your system config to allow an attached 
eGPU to be fully functional on your system.

! denotes disk-accessing items available only when status bar shows 
disk=Y, set by F2. Others access only the ramdisk. 

Key eGPU=external GPU, iGPU=integrated GPU, dGPU=dedicated GPU

Index FAQ&Troubleshooting FAQ and troubleshooting questions with answers Status Window describes the Status window items Function Keys describes F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F9, ALT+DEL and ALT+G keys Menuitems describes the individual menuitems and their functions Other References commandline, contents and revision history
Menuitem details PCIe_ports Enable Disable Retrain_link Hot_reset Initialize_devs Link width x1_on_all x2_or_x1E x4_or_x2E Link speed G1 G2 Anti-whitelist Reassign_buses !Save Restore Video_cards !Show_state Initialize PCI space Load_dump !Save_dump !Save_dump(Win) Hybrid gfx iGPU[] dGPU[] PCI_compaction ignore[] method[] Run_compact !Edit_pci.bat Reporting 32-bit_mem_map PCI_device_map PCI_device_tree Chainloader !Edit_config !mode grub4dos Prompt View_help startup.bat !speedup !Edit !Reset Apply config Run_startup.bat Chainload !Save_diags !Compact_fails !Windows_fails !IFS_shell !Play_game Exit_to_DOS Reboot


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